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Ball joint

Ball joints are used in the suspension parts of the front wheels of automobiles. The role of the ball joints is to connect the parts of the car body to the parts on the front wheel side so that the tires move smoothly up, down, left, and right. We manufacture various types of ball joints, from the size 22-ball type for mini vehicles to the size 32-ball type for RV vehicles.

  • the size 22-ball type

    the size 22-ball type

  • the size 28-ball type

    the size 28-ball type

  • the size 32-ball type

    the size 32-ball type

Stabilizer link

The stabilizer link is a part for connecting the stabilizer bar and the suspension, which is used to maintain the ride comfort of the car in the curve. Together with the ball joint, these parts are largely related to the running of automobiles and requires high accuracy and strength. We manufacture many types of stabilizer links, from size 16-ball types for mini vehicles to size 28-ball types for pickup trucks.

  • size 16-ball types

    size 16-ball types

  • size 18-ball types<br>(Stud surface treatment: GEOMET/ plating)

    size 18-ball types
    (Stud surface treatment: GEOMET/ plating)

  • size 20-ball types

    size 20-ball types

  • One side axial direction type<br> (Stud surface treatment: Magni coat)

    One side axial direction type
    (Stud surface treatment: Magni coat)

  • One side push type

    One side push type

Transmission parts

The transmission parts are used to transmit the rotational force and speed from the engine to the tires according to the running conditions. Since the transmission is composed of various large and small gears and shafts, etc., transmission parts must be manufactured so that parts with complicated shapes are not distorted or strained. Our accumulated technological capabilities and know-how enable us to manufacture highly accurate parts with little distortion and strain.

Manual transmission parts

  • Clutch gear blank

    Clutch gear blank

  • Manual control shaft

    Manual control shaft

AT transmission parts

  • Damper valve

    Damper valve

  • Regulator valve

    Regulator valve

Safety equipment parts and others

We also manufacture seat belt parts and airbag parts as safety equipment parts.Safety equipment parts are essential for protecting the lives of people who ride in automobiles. We provide the highest level of precision and strength parts to protect important lives.

  • Stopper


  • Locking base

    Locking base

  • Counter drive

    Counter drive