Future Linked
by Reliable Technology

Kyoritsu Seiki Co., Ltd. provides high-quality parts with reliable technology.


Become a global supplier that supplies the world's highest standard parts

Since our founding in 1960, Kyoritsu Seiki has been producing high-quality automotive parts with proprietary high technology, and highly regarded by major domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers. We will continue to make further progress so that we can contribute to society as a whole with a high level of products that can ensure the safety and security of final products.

Product Introduction

Manufacturing that responds to customer trust

We produce parts essential to the suspension of automobiles, such as stabilizer links, ball joints and transmission parts. We also strive to manufacture even safer and more reliable products that are trusted by customer.

Production Technology

High Technological Capabilities Supporting Japanese Industry

Automotive parts are necessary to protect the safety and security of everyone, and most importantly, their lives. We produce high-quality products that support Japanese industry through an integrated production system, cold forging that achieves high precision and low cost, design, development and testing of new products that leverage our strengths, and strict quality control standards. We will continue to refine our technologies so that we can produce better products that meet our customers' needs.